Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Narcissist: F.A.B. Tumblr Expansion!

Hey Everyone!

F.A.B. is expanding from the old blogging system of Blogger to Tumblr! With this expansion I will post more pictures and links to posts on F.A.B.’s main site, and also reblog tons of wonderful content that I find here on Tumblr. 
Now don’t think for one second that the Tumblr blog is going to replace the older interface- au contraire- this is going to add more content to the F.A.B. family, and hopefully gain a new set of followers! All written content will be done though Blogger, with links posted here for easier access to a wider audience. 
So I am so pleased to say that F.A.B. has officially expanded into Tumblr! Hopefully many of the new followers that I make on Tumblr will follow the main page as well! 
Here is a list of all the sites affiliated with the F.A.B. family:

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