Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In The Closet: Designer Collab's

Hey there everyone!

Here is a link to an article that I saw on in their Shine section. It is about designer collaborations with major retailers. I myself am pretty excited for the last one, and the first one, the fourth one, the fifth one...
So here it is, check it out then come back and tell me which collaborations you're excited to spend your paycheck on:

Yahoo "Shine" Designer Collaboration Article

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Narcissist: Rantings of a Self- Infatuated Teenager

Hey there! First off I would just like to say,
I AM SO, SO SORRY!!! </3

I haven't posted in a while :(
And though I really had no excuse, I'm going to throw out a couple and let you choose which one you think is good enough to justify me not keeping to my promise of writing. So here they are:

1. Just after I started this blog, I had gotten my wisdom teeth removed.
2. Soon after that (5 days after) it was the first day of my Junior year in high school.
3. I am very busy because I am taking difficult classes.
4. I have a life. ( <---- This is a lie!)
5. My computer, until about 10 minutes ago, was not working due to several viruses.
6. I died.

Though these excuses might not really do it for you, they have indeed been my justification for why I'm not posting as often as I thought I would. Expect to hear numbers three and five often. And maybe four...

So since September 1st, I have been going to school. AS AN UPPERCLASSMEN!!! (Yessss!) I am a Junior this year, which means loads of homework, SAT's and ACT's, parties, dances, American Football games, beating up Freshmen and whatnot. The courses I am taking this semester are as follows:

1. Experiencing Music- This class is pretty lame. I'm taking it because I needed one more class, but this is a class for people who were too lazy to get a Preforming Arts credit in an actual class (I have too many Pref. Arts credits). On the plus side, this class is a great way to wake up in the morning, (because it requires no thinking) it's kind of fun, and there is this Adonis of a boy in this class, whom I will marry one day.
2. Physics- This class at first literally made me shake and shiver, because the teacher likes to ask difficult questions, and he picks on me at least twice every time I have that class. The reason it's so hard is not because he is using "big words/ hard words," but because he REFUSES to use them. We have a list in our class called "The Fancy Word List/ Naughty Word List," (lame, I know) which are two lists compiled of words we are forever banned from using (Naughty Words, i.e. Gravity, Suck/ Sucking, etc.) and words we use regularly but can't really define, but once we can define them they are acceptable. (Fancy Words, i.e. Force, Volume, etc.)
Though, recently this class has been getting less nerve-racking, and more fun. I'm actually sad when the bell rings!
3. Algebra 2- I believe this is self explanatory. For those of you who enjoy math, you would love this class. For those of you like me, who can't even do Arithmetic correctly, this is not at all enjoyable. Though, I have to say, the teacher does a good job of not making this class hell, and I'm doing pretty good in it. As long as I still get to use my calculator to do -8 (-2x + 4).
4. Wind Symphony- Yes, Wind "Symphony." Not Wind Ensemble, not Band, but Wind "Symphony." This name wouldn't be so bad, if the symphony wasn't SO BAD. I have to admit, it is challenging, especially because I have neglected practicing, or even touching my Flute (I play Flute) in over a year. And the band can play, and it has good musicians, but they don't play well together, at all. I just might be a band snob, but its us band snobs that get shit done.Well.
(BTW it's called "Wind Symphony" because were "so big" [40 kids?] and have one string bass player. WTF?)
5. American Studies (English)- I have this class for two periods this semester, with two teachers. The teacher I have for 5th period is a hilariously grumpy, sarcastic, friendly old man, the kind you wish was your grandfather because everything he says is brutally wise and funny. When he gets bored in class, he throws the class's electric pencil sharpeners and whatever else he can grab out the window of our 3rd story room. He has a number of bats and clubs he calls "Child Beaters," (or something like that?) that he whacks on the desk when someone falls asleep. He's very old and has been teaching for a while, so I suppose they were used for something else a while back...
I have at least 10 pages of notes to write for just him in one class, and an hour and a half of homework every night. Yayyyy...
6. American Studies (History)- On the other half of this class, we have a relatively young teacher (his mother is my parents' age) and his work load is exactly the same as the other teacher's. The difference between him and the English side of this class is that he's quite soft spoken, though still funny, twitches, and watches the Jersey Shore. His idea of fun sounds about right for the most part, except for the fact that he thinks visiting American war re-enactments and National landmarks are fun. Sorry, but visiting Jamestown doesn't sound like my idea of fun. The other difference is his class is severely less entertaining, and harder.

So thus is the breakdown of my life 5 days a week, for the majority of this year. I don't have many friends here, just two, including my younger sister, so my social life is taking some serious hits right now. Any funny, interesting, or nice things that you could say or think of would be much appreciated. Well, I have to go to sleep now, because I stayed up too late having a tea party last night with my teddy bears.
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