Friday, August 20, 2010

Vanity Kills: Razors

My razor sucks, how about yours?

About one year ago, I finally decided I needed to put my big girl panties on, and start shaving my legs. I'm generally not a hairy person, and you really couldn't see the hair on my legs, but I had decided that enough was enough. Walking into the local Rite- Aid and down the isle with the shaving products felt like I was finally growing up. Of course, I'm not grown up, so my mother who is grown up was accompanying me picked out a razor and payed. One ride back to my house and a shower later, I had a pair of naked, hairless legs. And boy did it feel good!

But after that first time things started going down hill. "This razor doesn't have enough moisture," or "this razor cuts me all the time" were some of my common complaints. The moisture strip on my razors, which was my biggest complaint, always seemed to loose their moisture after one use. What was I to do?

Then, last month, while watching T.V. I saw a commercial for the Venus Embrace. Featuring 5 blades, comfy rubber grips, and a giant moisture strip that encircles the blades, it was the Zeus of all razors. So, another trip to Rite- Aid and another shower later, once more I had pair of hair- free legs. The next day when I took my shower the razor still had plenty of moisture- so much in fact, that the blades were covered in moisture "goo." So after washing off the "goo," I shaved... Or, tried to at least. The razor's moisture strip was so big that the blades couldn't reach the hair on my legs.
So much for being the king of razors...

Unfortunately, I am still on the hunt for the perfect razor. With so many to choose from, it might be a very long time before I find my perfect match. Being swindled by my old razor was kind of a blessing in disguise though, because now I get to check out all the other fish in the sea (or the razor selection at Rite- Aid). And while guys aren't going to be feeling up my hairless legs anytime soon (or ever) a new razor will be.

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See ya!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

F.A.B.- An Introduction

Hello world! At this point, I'm quite sure that you're probably wondering what exactly my blog is all about. Or, maybe you're not, because you read my title. Either way, I am informing you that this is NOT simply just another "fashion blog." Yes, fashion is one of the subjects of which I discuss in this blog, but make no mistake. THIS IS NOT A FASHION BLOG! This is a blog about everything and anything. Or more specifically, everything and anything that I'm interested enough to write about.

I confide to you all my tips, secrets and interests, and in return all I ask is that you read, comment, and occasionally tell others about my blog. Now to make reading and navigating  my blog easier, I will give you a "map" of what you will be seeing.

Firstly, I will attempt, with your encouragement, to write several posts throughout the week. These posts will be labeled accordingly so you have an idea of what they are about (in addition to the stories I will give catchy titles to). Those titles are:
Icon: (Insert Name Here)
Icon stories will be written about people, such as designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, writers, painters, YouTube people and so on. Usually, these people are famous, or are special enough to be an Icon.
Narcissist: Rantings of a Self- Infatuated Teenager (Narcissist for short)
Narcissist articles are exactly what the title implies- it will just be one giant rant about... basically whatever I feel like ranting about. Usually, these are my own personal thoughts and opinions, and you are encouraged to agree or disagree with whatever I write. But please, I don't need anyone getting pissed just because I said that I don't like Justin Bieber or that I think belly rings are tacky. Just remember, opinions are like assholes- everyone has some, and they all stink.
Vanity Kills
Articles titled Vanity Kills will most likely be something about beauty products or treatments. Beauty brands are also included in this category.
In The Closet
In The Closet articles are not articles about closeted gays- they're stories about things fashion related, including, but not limited to: Brands, Shows, Designers (the clothes not the people), Sales and what not.
On The Street
Articles titled On The Street will usually be "Street Style" pictures. I like to take pictures of people who's outfits I admire or I think are really on trend. So make sure you're always camera- ready! Because you never know when you're picture will be taken!

I'll probably think of some more categories later on to further confuse you organize my blog. Not all articles will be labeled, because so many things in this world don't exactly fit in a category.

In addition to writing articles about the subjects above, I will also write about books, music, bands, art, and stuff I find that I think the world should know about. I will also try to incorporate videos into my posts, such as "How To" makeup tutorials or DIY projects. Some of these videos will be made by me, and others wont be. (Why should I spend the time to make a video about a subject if someone already made one?)

Please help me write posts by commenting below and giving me ideas! I'll take all the help I can get!

See Ya!