Thursday, July 7, 2011

Narcissist: Moving In

Hey Everyone!

So life has been moving way too fast for me these last couple of weeks. I've been writing posts but never finishing them because I can't seem to find the time to complete and publish them. My move has kept me so busy, that I barely have any time to myself. Also I haven't had any internet connection in a while, because my home doesn't have WiFi yet. Right now I'm typing this post on stolen WiFi from one of my neighbors (Shhhhh!).
 So far Denver is an amazing city. We (my family) have found so many interesting and delicious restaurants here, and all of the shopping centers seem to be less than two miles away. The weather is incredible, very hot but dry. It has rained a bit since we've been here (which everyone tells us is rare), so my family and I joke that we brought the rain with us from Washington. Rain is fine with me, but I have a leak in my room so it kinda sucks. But all in all, I really like it here.
What I don't like though is unpacking.
We received all of our furniture the day before yesterday, and since our new house is so much smaller than our old home on Bainbridge, we're having an extraordinarily difficult time figuring out where our stuff should go. But luckily for me my bedroom is so far very easy to unpack since I have the second biggest room in the house. I now have my own bathroom in my bedroom, and a huge walk in closet, which I didn't have in Washington or in Florida. Everything seems to fit perfectly! I especially like that I have hardwood floors, and lots of windows that let in a ton of natural light. I really can't wait until my room is completed! I have some pictures here of what has been accomplished so far**:

** We have gotten a lot completed in the last 24 hours, so our home is almost finished. I also managed to fall down a couple of stairs in my house and I think I broke my coccyx. I'm fine, but it hurts to walk, move, and sit.

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