Saturday, June 18, 2011

Narcissist: Always a Beginning, Never an Ending

Hey everyone!

After 180 days of pure torture, agony, and occasional success, I have finally completed my Junior year of high school. Next August I begin the first day of my Senior year, my last year of high school (hopefully). This school year has been the most uneventful period of my life so far, and probably the hardest year of my high school career. I would go into detail of what the year was like, since I did write a detailed description of my classes at the start of the year, but after a brutal last day of finals, I'd rather not. I passed all my classes, and that's all that matters. I could care less about what my grades are, what my yearbook photo looked like, or what classes I'm taking next year.
"Summer of Color" Life guard towers in California.

All I care about is this summer, because this summer is my Summer of Change. This summer I'm moving to Denver, I'm going on my annual trip to Los Angeles to visit my aunt and the amazing beaches in Cali, and I have decided that this summer I'm going to change the way I live life. I'm probably going to make a bunch of promises to change that I wont keep, but I'm determined to better myself this summer before my Senior year. Some of the changes I plan on making this summer are:

  • Going to bed at a decent time so I am actually functional in the morning
  • Becoming one with nature by making window boxes and planting flowers in them
  • Growing out my hair so I can reduce the number of trips to the salon I make
  • Finding a way to better manage my time before the school year
Also I plan on posting more this summer, though it may prove difficult because I'm moving. So here's to the end of one brutal year and the beginning to one promising summer!

Do any of you wish to change your life for the better this summer? Tell me how in a comment and join me in my Summer of Change!

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Flor Y. said...

hey there! i love your blog's new layout and that f.a.b illustration! so, my summer of change will be consisting of (hopefully) getting my driving license, my uni degree (or at least get one step closer to it) and pretty much just dedicate some time to myself and focus on what i wanna do.

enjoy your summer!